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AGB nailed our tough Food & Nutrition hires. Great service, recommend!

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AGB is a human resource provider to industries all over Cambodia. We mind our own business. Don’t be afraid to contact us. We are all here to help you out.

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Elevate efficiency with our suite: Ur HR, Payroll, Attendance, and Salesforce Systems. Maximize productivity and drive growth with our integrated solutions.

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Elevate efficiency with our suite: Ur HR, Payroll, Attendance, and Salesforce Systems. Maximize productivity and drive growth with our integrated solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions.

I have a friend who is looking for work; can AGB help them?

One-third of all AGB associates come from associate referrals. We have a long history of helping our associates’ friends and families find good jobs, and we appreciate their referrals.

Do I pay any fees to AGB for finding me a job?

No, you are never charged a fee at AGB to find a job.

What types of jobs does AGB fill? 

All types! From Office Services jobs to Light Industrial and Skilled Trades jobs, to Professional and Executive positions to medical, AGB places many types of jobs at all levels. Available jobs will vary from one AGB location to the next, so contact your local AGB representative to learn about open positions. Or, search available jobs right here!

What determines if I get assigned to a job through AGB?

One of our client companies sends us a job request. We match the best applicants for the job requirements. When you’re a match and the client company agrees, we’ll call to see if you’re available to work. If you accept the assignment, we’ll provide you with all the information you need. Once you complete the job assignment, contact your AGB office to be placed back on our list of available workers to be considered for future assignments.

How often can I work?

It depends on a variety of factors, including your availability, how often you’d like to work, how in-demand your skills are, and if we have jobs available for your skill set. Visit our Career Development section for resources to help make your skills more marketable.

Does AGB place people in full-time jobs and part-time jobs or just temporary jobs?

Yes, AGB provides a variety of ways you can work. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time job or temporary assignments to work when you want to, we can help you find the right job to fit your needs and schedule.

Do I have to accept every job assignment?

It’s always your choice whether or not to accept an assignment.

Flexibility is an AGB advantage. Once you accept an assignment though, we depend on you to complete it.

How long are the job assignments?

Assignments can last from semester, to a year or even years.

Some assignments can even develop into a full-time position. We will let you know the approximate length of the assignment before you accept it to make sure your availability is a match for the job requirements.

What is the benefit of accepting a temporary job?

A temporary job assignment allows you to earn a paycheck while you explore career fields and gain new skills. Contacts you make on a temporary assignment can lead to a full-time position, future work and positive references.