It is estimated that we have over 50,000 thoughts a day – positive, negative, frightening, enlightening or just crazy thoughts. They can be triggered by:

Sometimes we engineer thoughts or they simply leap into our minds unexpectedly. We accept, question, challenge or discard them. Some tumble around in confusion, become exaggerated and irrational, causing anxiety and mental paralysis.


This is a BIG question.

            We copy patterns of behaviors and absorb ideas from those who influenced us in childhood. These thinking processes are assumed to be the right and only ones – until challenged by someone else.

            We can become entrenched in a mindset that is later difficult to unlearn. Mind-sets inhibit the thinking process, can lead to bias, stubbornness, and prejudice.

            These statements reflect just how fixed some people are in their thinking. Such people look for justification of their ideas which, in turn, reinforces the mind-set of an ever decreasing circle.


How we think affects our attitude toward life:

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