HOW IT COMES ABOUT Creative thinking skills are not taught. They do not require intelligence or even experience, although these qualities are needed to put creative ideas into practice. Creative thinking is the result of right-brain activity – intuition, insight, inspiration – which is not readily encouraged in the education system. Indeed, such thought processes […]

Your Smile – A Gift to Share

When someone gives you a beaming smile, how do you respond? Most likely you smile back. And you probably feel happier too. Yes, genuine smiles-whether from friends or total strangers-are infectious, and they evoke good feelings.             A sincere smile indicates positive emotions, such as amusement, happiness, and pleasure. Indeed, “smiling…seems built into our nature,’ […]

Teen Depression- What can help? &What Parents can do?

Here are the 8 tips for parents can do: Recognize that depressed teens may find it hard to express their feeling or may not understand what is happening to them. They may not even be aware of the symptoms of depression. Teens tend to express their depression in ways different from those of adults, so […]